F. Trenka is an independent Austrian family business – founded in 1909 – that markets high quality natural remedies internationally.

F. Trenka promotes well-being in more than 70 countries around the world. It thereby builds upon generation-spanning, forward-looking relationships with renowned pharmaceutical partners all around the globe.

Accountability, reliability and sustainability are guiding principles that run through all the company´s actions and product development.


Nobody shall have to suffer from something
that can be treated or prevented by means
of applying nature’s powers.


In cooperation with our partners, we rely on trust, mutual support, intercultural exchange, transparent communication and mutual respect.

The company’s products all emphasize natural plant-based ingredients. F. Trenka sets high quality standards for its products and continuously aims to offer high-quality, well-tolerated herbal alternatives to improve patients’ individual health related needs.

Products of F. Trenka are the first natural choice in the treatment of acute illnesses and in the prevention of diseases and health complaints. Old virtues and traditional remedies are presented and combined in a modern format to meet the functional requirements of active and mindful individuals and families.

Despite the broad availability of our products, we see further potential in expanding our company’s presence. Thus, we are keen to continuously broaden our network of partnerships, both nationally and internationally.

Nature is our remedy. Since 1909.

Our story began more than 100 years ago, when the pharmacist Franz Trenka and university professor Wolfgang Pauli came together to work on a herbal formula that would alleviate the population from intestinal complaints.

With the launch of Eucarbon®, our international success story began.


The pharmacist Mr. Franz Trenka and Dr. Wolfang Pauli develop the Eucarbon® formula in a pharmacy in Vienna. For over 100 years now, the composition of Eucarbon® tablets remains unchanged.


Foundation of the company F. Trenka by Mr. Franz Trenka.


Due to the lack of tin material during the time of World War II, Eucarbon® is temporarily packed in round cartons.


Eucarbon® is registered as a pharmaceutical product. It is the 136th registered product in Austria.


In Austria, Eucarbon® starts being sold in a yellow tin which quickly becomes its trademark packaging.


F. Trenka is taken over by Mrs. Michaela Kamler.


Biocarbon® is first launched in Austria and later exported around the world.


Eucarbon® herbal is registered for the first time in Austria.


Eucarbon®'s 100-year Anniversary is celebrated around the world.


Mr. Fabian Strüngmann (Salta Investments GmbH) acquires the controlling majority of F. Trenka, taking the company into the next generation.


 Eucarbon® herbal is launched in Ireland as an OTC brand with a distinct packaging.


Re-design of Eucarbon®.


Re-design of Biocarbon®.